SPECIAL SESSION: Live Demonstrations



09.00 – 11.00 CEST (Central European Summer Time) 


09:00   Welcome and introduction from the Chairs
Marco Falconi (ISPRA)
Jean Pierre Davit


09:10   Dynamic and static flux chambers for vapor emission monitoring and data recording by mobile App Witrec
Luca Spinelli, Corrado Maccario (Thearen)

09:25   SAMIS: Automated system for emergency measures of hydrocarbons spills in harbors and canals. Case sudies and new implementations
Gabriele Palmieri, Gianlorenzo Minarini (Petroltecnica)

09:40   GX-6000 multigas detector with PID sensor
Alessandro Bersani (Recom Industriale)

09.55   Rapid diagnostics of complex structures: 3D GPR for tunnels, bridges, highways, airports. How to identify thicknesses, voids, detachments, infiltrations
Maurizio Porcu, Andrea Faccioli (Codevintec)

10.10   Successful Air & Vapor Data Collection Best Practices
Laurie Chilcote, Craig Cox (Cox-Colvin)

10:25   Panel discussion moderated by chairs

11:00   End of the session

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