Policies and frameworks to address sustainable contaminated sites remediation


11.30 – 13.30 CEST (Central European Summer Time)


11:30 Welcome from the RemTech Europe Scientific Committee
Marco Falconi, ISPRA, Piotr Wojda (JRC-European Commission), Natalia Rodriguez Eugenio (FAO), Nino Tarantino (Illegal Landfills Extraordinary Commissioner Office), Luciana Di Staso (Italian Ministry of Environment

11:35 Introduction from the Chairs 

Dietmar Muller (Common Forum), Pavlos Tyrologou* (EFG European Federation of Geologists), Natalia Rodriguez Eugenio (FAO)


11:50 The National Remediation Framework for the remediation and management of contaminated sites in Australia (NRF)
Joytishna Jit (UniSA/CRC CARE Adelaide, Australia), Bruce Kennedy (CRC CARE, Adelaide, Australia), Ravi Naidu (CRC CARE/GCER-UON, Newcastle, Australia)

12:05 Sustainable soil use and management: a systematic approach
Deyi Hou (Tsinghua University China)

12.20 The NICOLE guide on LAND STEWARDSHIP at industrial land, The next step in sustainable Land and Brownfield management
Hans Slenders, Claudio Albano, Johan de Fraye, Lida Schelwald, Phil Crowcroft, Paul Sheehan, Euan Hall, Nicholas Tymko, Laurent Bakker, Olivier Maurer (NICOLE Europe)

12.35 SURF UK Sustainability Process and Indicator Guidance
R. Paul Bardos, Hayley F. Thomas, Jonathan W. N. Smith, Nicola D. Harries, Frank Evans, Richard Boyle, Trevor Howard, Richard Lewis, Alan O. Thomas, V. Dent and Angela Haslam (SURF UK)

12:50 Panel discussion moderated by chairs

13:30 End of the session


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