HRSC in the definition of the Conceptual Site Model


14.30 – 16.30 CEST (Central European Summer Time)


14:30 Welcome and introduction from the Chairs

Dietmar Muller* (Common Forum), Nicola Harries* (CL:AIRE), Guido Paliaga (Order of Geologists of Liguria)


14:40 Complete Redefinition of Conceptual Site Model based on a High-Resolution Site Characterization Approach – A Case study of a High-Risk Site Contaminated by Chlorinated Compounds
Sandro Souto, Cesar Malta, Camilo Chaves, Mateus Evald, Guilherme Varela, Milly Saturnino, Ana Carolina Corredori (FINKLER Ambiental)

14:55 Next Generation Sequencing and qPCR as Complementary Approaches for Evaluating MNA at a Petroleum Hydrocarbon Impacted Site
Dora Taggart (Microbial Insights), Claudio Sandrone (BAW)

15:10 Circular City/Circularity in City. Limits and potential of a new paradigm
Antônio Jorge da Cruz, Marina Dayrell, Mariana Quesado, Rizia Aguiar, Jordon Werlang, Eduardo Fontoura (CETREL S/A)

15.25 Enabling Beneficial Reuse of Excavated Soil Through Electronic Tracking
Kevin Goldberg (SoilFLO), Teddy Sham (Mosaic Transit Solutions)

15.40 Numerical tools based on Artificial Intelligence for soil remediation
Muzammel Muhammad (EvalDepol, U-PEC), Tanguy Westelynck (EvalDepol), Alice Othmani (U-PEC), Aurélien Triger (EvalDepol)

15:55 Panel discussion moderated by chairs

16:30 End of the session


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