Effluents and wastewaters: challenges in managing odors and micropollutants


09.00 – 11.00 CEST (Central European Summer Time)


09:00 Welcome and introduction from the Chairs Pavlos Tyrologou (EFG), Piotr Wojda (EC-JRC), Baran Bozoglu (ClimateChange Policy and Research Association)


09:10 Wastewater Legislation and its practices in China
Jason Mi (VeCity Environmental solution)

09:25 Research on biological treatment for removal of odorous gas of Dimethyl sulphide hydrogen sulfide, and ammonia
Synthia Wong (Shanghai Bioscience)

09:40 Synergetic Effect on gamma radiolytic degradation of micropollutants by addition of H2O2 towards radical based study
V C Padmanaban (Kamaraj College of Engineering and Technology, India)

09.55 Tree based biological approach to reduce sewage odour
M. Prasanthrajan, A. Balasubramanian, K.T. Parthiban (Tamil Nadu Agricultural University)

10.10  Removal of nitrogen and phosphorus by microalgae isolated from wastewater of HERA-Ferrara sewage treatment plant
Sara Demaria, Michela Arcidiacono, Ornella Accoto, Costanza Baldisserotto (Ferrara University), Linda Benetti (HERA), Roberta Marchesini (Ferrara University), Marcello Zanella (HERA), Simonetta Pancaldi (Ferrara University)

10:25 Treatment of Amoxicillin Formulation Effluent by Ozone Technology
Mariana Cardoso Barros Ribeiro, André Luís de Castro Peixoto (Grupo de Química Tecnológica, Instituto Federal de São Paulo, IFSP)

10:40 Panel discussion moderated by chairs

11:00 End of the session

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