Bioremediation techniques: a challenge for slightly contaminated soil and mine tailings


09.00 – 11.00 CEST (Central European Summer Time)


09:00 Welcome and introduction from the Chairs 

Frank Swartjes* (RIVM), Joytishna Jit (CRC Care), Natalia Rodriguez Eugenio (FAO


09:10 Acacia mangium as a nature based solution for bioremediation of ex-tin tailings in the tropics
Jeyanny Vijayanathan, Ahmad Zuhaidi Yahya (Forest Research Institute Malaysia)

09:25 Enhanced Cd-Pb phyto-remediation in Vetiver grass using different soil amendments
Chuck Chuan (China-ASEAN College of Marine Sciences, Xiamen University Malaysia)

09:40 Development of biotechnologies for cleaning of irrigation canals from oil pollution and heavy metals
Nariman Ismayilov, Saida Aliyeva (Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences)

09.55 Bioremediation of the herbicide Dicamba utilizing pure cultures and microbial consortia associated with biological control against the fungal pathogen Fusarium culmorum
Alexandru Vlaiculescu, Cristiano Varrone (Aalborg University)

10.10 Potential of ozonation and phytoremediation to reduce petroleum hydrocarbon levels remaining after pilot scale soil bioremediation
Althalb Hakima, Elmusrati Izzeddin (Libyan Petroleum Institute)

10:25 Estimating natural attenuation rates at hydrocarbon contaminated sites using closed and open flux chambers
Iason Verginelli, Renato Baciocchi (University of Rome Tor Vergata)

11:00 End of the session

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